Property Investment Club

Property Investment Club

Property Investors view on what you should be doing next

  1. How will the depreciation of MY impact your property value?
  1. How can we reduce GST?
  2. Property Bubble?
  3. Any way to reduce RPGT?
  4. Confused with where the property market is headed?
  5. Uncertain on what strategies to implement?
  6. Unsure on what basket of properties to invest in?
  7. Confused by the glut of information from various property experts?
  8. Worried how the economy will affect the property sector?
  9. Concerned about rental returns and oversupply?

To BUY? To SELL? Almost every property investor is asking themselves this question and what is your answer to this question. Where is the property market headed to, do you take a wait and see approach or do you continue to invest like there is no tomorrow by taking advantage of the uncertain market conditions? With many uncertainties and concerns and with very few solutions and answers, MIG Network International a property investment club with over 4 years’ experience will be sharing their take on what you should be doing next with regards to your next investment decision and they will address all your uncertainties & concerns and provide you the answers.

MIG Network will provide you with sufficient information on where the market is heading and whether you should be BUYING OR SELLING in this current uncertain market. Brian and Stanley has made the most money when the market is uncertain; their ability to have foresight and read where the market is heading has enabled her to always stay ahead in the property game. YOU CAN TOO!


About MIG Network International

Millionaire Investment Group Network (MIG Network) is a community cum organization dedicated in providing free property investment education, full range of detailed property consultancy, and opportunity for investors to collectively gather and acquire properties through en bloc purchases. MIG Network believes that opening of new revenue opportunities to individuals not only helps our business, but also defines the role that we can and should play in working-class society.


We identify new property opportunities and execute by applying our expertise, experience, and network. We share our vast collection of successfully tested methods to our fellow members. We continuously measure our programs and methods to find room for improvisation and adjust whenever new property regulations are introduced. We empower our employees and others to serve their clients. We cultivates open sharing of ideas, exchange of networks, and knowledge enrichment within our communities; we always welcome new friends to join us.

Grow Rich in Property Investment

5 reasons why you should join the MIG

1. Get it straight from the “How-To Team” on exclusive early bird purchase and group buy opportunities
2. Receive special insider’s perspective and analysis on latest updates on properties, mortgage guides and banking industry via weekly newsletters
3. Invited to exclusive member’s only networking sessions and property expert seminars
4. Enjoy member’s only access to online resources, free consultation and online support
5. Opportunity to undergo one-on-one mentoring sessions by Stanley Wong and Brian Wee!

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Property Investment Club